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Remote Viewing Healing Session

Now offering Remote Viewing Healing Sessions done via Zoom. These treatments are 30 minutes long and are tailored to clients who need to be at home in order to receive care. It is helpful to be able to see the client, so having the camera on is recommended. 


The treatment consists of checking in to see how you are doing and what needs to be addressed in the physical and energetic bodies. Once a base line has been established I remote view or astral travel, utilizing my third eye or inner vision, to you and energetically place needles into your acupuncture point locations. I will walk you through the visualization of where the needles are going and have you breathe and relax in order to connect to any sensations that are occurring. We will sit together in a relaxed state until the end of the session when the needles will be removed.


These sessions are especially helpful to those clients who are:

  • Immune compromised 

  • Experiencing an intense migraine

  • Sick with a cold or flu

  • Or anyone who prefers to stay home during these challenging and changing times we are in.


*Treatments are donation based and payments are accepted through PayPal. 

*If you are interested in scheduling a Remote Viewing Session please email me at:

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