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What is Intuitive Acupuncture?

Intuitive Acupuncture happens when the accumulation of knowledge and practice begin to move through the practitioner in a synergistic way that allows the medicine to become an art. 


Listening, observing and tuning in to a person with empathic response allows for a telepathic understanding of the places of imbalance. Through clairsentience, or clear feeling, the acupuncture points are felt with a light touch. This allows for identification of the location of acupuncture points as they slightly shift their location and size day to day. 


Patterns from Esoteric Acupuncture teachings are used to balance the chakras. Sacred geometry and numerology are applied allowing


for a morphic resonance, or instantaneous communication, to occur between the acupuncture points. This allows for a harmonizing of the energetic systems so disease and imbalance can not settle into the physical body. When physical imbalance or pain has already manifested itself, Esoteric patterns are combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture utilizing the actions and indications of individual acupuncture points. 


Everyday our physiology changes and everyday the planet shifts and changes, this makes treatment a different experience each time. Planet Earth is shifting into a higher vibration, some individuals are feeling this energy change and are shifting into a higher vibration along with the planet. 


These individuals are recognizable as the ones who are in a loving vibration despite any fear based narratives that are being told in the collective. As individuals shift into higher vibrations they no longer need the chakra system, their energetic physiology is changing into a crystalline structure allowing them to have a more direct connection with the healing offered by Source energy. Treatments are customized to each individual and where they are on their human journey on planet Earth. 

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