Esoteric Acupuncture Wellness Treatments

Esoteric Acupuncture is a style of acupuncture developed by Dr. Mikio Sankey. The acupuncture patterns are based in numerology, sacred geometry and the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Each pattern is designed to balance the chakras, or energetic vortices, while aligning the heart and kidney systems. The patterns help with moving away from fear based thinking and into a heart centered space of love and joy. For those who are ready, the patterns can help with attaining higher states of consciousness. 


These treatments are gentle yet powerful and may be combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for any pain conditions that are present. 


Monday-Wednesday & Friday 9 AM-6 PM

Thursday & Saturday 9AM-3PM

Sunday Closed

The Smoots Building

1313 Bonneville Ave. Ste. 201

Snohomish, WA 98290